The Journey of Our Lives often Begins with One Significant Step:  The Decision to Heal and be Healed! Are you Ready to Leave the Things that Limit Your Potential Behind? Are you Ready to have More Energy, to Declutter your Heart and Mind, and to Have More Passion for the Things that Matter Most in your Life? 

Are you Ready to Imagine!

A Fresh, New,  Energized, Vibrant, Radiant at Peace, JOYful you!?

Reiki  Energy Healing is Your Answer!

How interesting is life?  The serendipity and miraculous flow of all life, that is streaming together in a waterfall of vibrant cascading crystalline experiences that has brought you to this page, right now, in this moment? It is no accident, of course, that you have arrived here, in the midst of your journey!

This is a sacred space for those who are hurting or lost; Reiki Healing is a Doorway of loving release and healing transformation for anyone who bravely chooses now to Remember who they are; for those who are seeking to find the "Good Feeling Place" again, that Eternal Well Spring of Joy and Divine Loving inside you that is beyond the illusions of pain, anxiety, fear, depression, stress, overwhelm dis-ease and grief!

If you are ready to set down the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual baggage that you are carrying and unlock the doors to your greater health, joy and expansion- this website and these proven tools and techniques for healing and transformation are for you.

I know, that sometimes, you may feel forever lost, in a daze of confusion, overwhelm, anxiety, pain, and fear. There is a way to heal and transform your life and move beyond the things that are holding you back and causing you resistance to feeling Joy Filled in your life!

My name is Shining Star. Welcome to the Heart of the Matter.

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The Seeds of Light, Planted in our Hearts, are God's Promise of Love, Health and Truth.

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About Us

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I AM like you. We are Children of Light And we are Eternal Seekers of the Truth that is beyond the veil of what seems to be.  You are here,

because you either know that there is undoubtedly something more for you in this life or you are here because you are hurting, confused or anxious about the future or the past.  


Regardless of the reason you are here, you are looking for More Love, More JOY! More Peace, More Balance, More Clarity and More Good Feelings in your life. You crave the feeling of connection that transcends time and space. You crave a sense of peace that feels like delicious warm, caramel rivers of golden love flowing all around and in you. You are ready to be reminded of what it feels like to have the hopes and dreams of the innocent child that wildly dances in the rain barefoot and joyously free! And brothers and sisters, you desperately want to putdown the heavy baggage of pain, frustration, anxiety, depression, illness, stress, dis-ease, imbalance and separation that you have lugged tirelessly throughout your life.

If these words resonate with your heart, please read further.

Are you looking for peace within yourself?  Are you looking for love? Are you looking for that thing that will make things flow easier in your life?  Do you need to show up stronger for those who you love and who love you? Are seeking a Release of the "old" that no longer serves you? Perhaps you are here because you are ready to embrace the healing journey through divine Inspiration and Transformation. And once you walk through that doorway, Everything Changes!

Welcome to Our Sacred Stream of Conciousness for Reiki Healing, Transformation,
Expansion and Peace in the Living Iridescence of Love


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Why Does all of This Matter:

SOL Gallery:

This is a collection of inspired and channeled phrases to aide anyone in mastering the connection with their guides, angels, ascended masters, and other beings of light from the Brotherhood of Light.

The Healing Cup Blog:

Is a positivity blog anchored in spiritual wisdom; it serves as an Invitation, a Doorway to learn more and connect with into the heart strings and experiences of my spiritual questing. That which is written is channeled through Love Divine. i refer often to "I AM" and this is in reference and reverence to The Mighty I AM Presence ( I AM THAT I AM) that resides in every heart.  i once was the one who was lost and hurting and I AM here for you.  Many years ago, I wrote a poem called A Single Drop.  In a time that i was hurting, it gave me strength to reach for my Remembering. It is a calling for all those who are ready to release the illusions of who you think you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to do, and what  you are supposed to carry, and what you think they took from you.  Nobody can truly take anything from you that is real. his poem is the seed of my Opus, My Light Purpose- my Soul's Song.  Everyone has a story, it is true, but we do not need to be defined by these stories, the ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions, constructs and "happenings" in our lives.  


This Blog is the beginning of something remarkable- it is the landing place of my knowing that words, and song and touch can heal. This is a blog focused on healing, divine love, God wisdom, light and transformation. It is my wish that these healing thoughts and prayers and poems and seeds of light can and do heal the world in some sacred way that is beyond my knowing. I am a light worker; I am a Master Usui Holy Fire Reiki channel of light. I AM Shining Star. 


Today, I AM Inviting you Into the Light of the Ever Shining Truth of God's Living Breath-  I Invite you to sit with your heart and to know her;

I Invite you to be with your breath and to feel her-  I invite you into the heart of the living lotus of life and love and truth.

I Invite you, to Know yourself and your power, in the Remembering of all you are and all you are capable of right now.

Welcome to all I AM and All you are in the Eternal Light.

Because when we are more completely who we are in the fullness of our expansion, in our health and joy; in our willingness to be vulnerable, and forgiving of our ourselves and our trespasses, and humble and grateful for all of our blessings; we Become the foundation of light and people who are thirsty will come and seek nourishment from us. And we will Light them with our love because we have learned to truly and authentically love ourselves and heal ourselves, and our waters and blessings shall runneth over!

Family of Light, I started this blog to share the wisdom and guidance and experience that comes through me with the purpose to lighten and brighten the paths of others. Not knowing who the others are, I AM trusting blindly, that those who are ready to receive this special medicine, will randomly find themselves brought to this space that I AM holding for this sacred purpose. With light in my heart and the blessing of the knowing that is beyond my own, I AM sharing the words and wisdom that have been seeded in my heart. There was a time, in my own darkness, that i was almost consumed by the spiderwebs of illusion.  The voices of fear and guilt and and anger were so strong in me, that i could not hear the melody of Divine Love that was my salvation. And now, I AM now remembering the song that was seeded inside of me, in the beginning. Our connection with the Divinity of the Crystal Sea is powerful and eternal, and sometimes we just have to turn down the stereo of all the other stuff; the happenings and judgements and voices, so that we can hear our own dear Beloved sing to us-

All the Love I AM in the eternal wellspring of His love divine.

So, What is all of this About? 

About 11 years ago, guidance woke me.  I had been sleeping.  And they whispered to me, "Remember Who You Are Shining Star." And i answered the Call. Those few words carried so much power and intrigue, and they were the birth of my spiritual remembering and the death of everything that i thought was real. 


This is about Remembering who you are (Unharnessed and Unleashed) from the old ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions, energies and happenings of your life experiences. This is about making the choice to, and learning how to release the resistance of dark webs, blockages, attachments, emotions, and grievances, ect. so that you can live your life as the best version of your Diamond self.   This is about Asking for, Accepting and Allowing, the release of that which is no longer serving you, in your highest soul purpose and highest soul light. This is about welcoming the ancient wisdom of your deep eternal heart through the awakening of your understanding.  You are a shining star; a brilliant light in the darkness of space; A Sun of God.  

What is the Right Next Step for Me?

When you are asking this kind of question, we need to surrender first. I tell all my clients to put their hands on their heart and to take a deep breath before asking any questions like this. So, put your hand on your heart, gently, and close your eyes. Feel your heart, Feel your truth that is deep inside of you. What is your truth? What is the best possible action you can take right now that supports your highest good and highest light?

Nobody can answer this for another soul. The first step is always yours.

If your heart resonates with the truth and energy that you feel in these words and you are ready to reach for true transformation and the remembering that comes when you embrace your Divine Light- let's have a conversation.

The entire purpose of this work is to release the resistance that has held you stuck or sick and to move your forward into your expansion!

Welcome to your Expansion!

When you are ready~