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The Michelangelo Effect

The Healing Cup:

My Dearest, I read something today that I want to Share with you, it's called the Michelangelo Effect. As Michelangelo Created his Magnificent Art piece, he was quoted once as saying, "I saw the Angel in the marble, and I Carved until I set him Free."

My friends, we must Trust in the Design of Love. Our souls have a desire to learn certain lessons, and it is in times where we think we have been defeated here, that may be our greatest Victories in the Light. It is hard to see the Joy in the meaningless hurt of this plane, but not all that we see is as it is,.... in fact it rarely is. As we are often consumed by the illusions of this world that are predictably and consistently.... persistent. This sadness, this loss that you feel, It is because your earth eyes can only See one side of the Diamond. Yet God can see the whole of a multi-faceted Sparkling Jewel. ✨

Every Moment that God's breath Breathes us, we have the ability to choose how we will respond to the occurrences and circumstances of our lives. When we Choose to lean into Faith instead of fear, well that is where our True Freedom exists. Imagine that we are the Angels that are being carved from the marble of our own experiencing; as incredible as it seems! I ask you, Who wields the hammer and nail? Who is the marble? If all matter is energy, and energy is Love and perfect Love is God, then, the nail and the marble are also of His love, are they not? And He who chisels and he who is Revealed is One with all things including the hammer and nail.

We fight so desperately when He takes the chisel to our marble for that is when we often fight the resistances that are hindering our own Awakening. And yet, if it is true that the marble and chisel, the nail and the Chiseler and the Angel were the same, what have we to fear?

Love Eternal, Shining Star


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