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There are Endings and There are Beginnings..... This is a Beginning! Old Stories are Done. Over. Complete. The Phoenix has Risen!

Everyone has a story, many of them.  This one is mine!

About 11 years ago, guidance woke me.  I had been sleeping.  And they whispered to me, "Remember Who You Are Shining Star." And i answered the Call. Those few words carried so much power and intrigue, and they were the birth of my spiritual remembering and the death of everything that i thought was real. 

All that I AM is Blossomed in the Fullness of God's Grace and Mighty Love. I hear Him call to me now, all the time and He says:

"Embrace Me. And All I AM in you is Activated Now."

I made a promise once, I promised that if He would consumed my fear, my sorrow and pain and take my hand and lead me out of the desert inside of myself where i was endlessly wandering, lost that i would do everything i could to help those who were seeking or lost find their light. And I AM keeping my promise to myself and all I AM that I AM. Now!

All my life, i have been what you would call a spiritual seeker- one who is seeking greater understanding and insight about our precarious seemingly mortal pain ridden existence. Let's say that i was called into this work through my the experiences of my own healing journey.  i practice the art and spiritual blessing and miraculous power of Usui Holy Reiki Fire.  I am a channel for Divine Light Healing and my work is about lifting and lighting and brightening the pathways that allow the expansion of healing transformation. When we invite the light into the dark hallowed halls, and forgotten (quite literally) places in our hearts and minds we can clear away, consume and transmute, the emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs and attachments that are affecting and coloring the way we perceive ourselves, our loves, and our experiences. 

The candle flame burns brightest in the dark. This. I. Know.


i invite you now, to be quiet, to sit quietly with your heart and to feel your breathing. Allow the light to gently touch the hurting place and invite Divine healing, the possibility of a newer brighter dawn, into your heart. And Rejoice!  Your Divine Essence is Joy!  You may be called here because you are crying or hurting, doubting or fearing, loathing or drowning and deeply wounded.  i have been there. I have been to the depths of darkness where i thought there was literally no salvation for my soul and i believed i was lost forever.  i have ached with betrayal.  i have stood, tears streaming down my face, crying out naked, for salvation. And, in a moment of absolute loss, at the very end of my rope, afraid to believe in God because i did not understand His Love.  It was in this moment, that i surrendered.


I call on Swami and Jesus and the Family of Light to bless this work that those who are ready to seek and find, those who are ready to heal and transform their lives, find their way here in God's Grace and Perfect Timing.  We are all walking our own journeys; our pathways are our own, but we never walk alone. i welcome those who are healing from past trauma, those who have been beaten and betrayed and loved and lost; those who rode the hurricane only for it let them down again..  Mother Gaia, is breathing and growing and stretching and like babes waking from a long slumber, children of light are also waking into a new awareness, a new consciousness.  We are the expansion and transformation and the Love that will light the Way. 

I call on Saraswati to inspire and impassion me, this work and the readers who come to this sacred garden.  And i call on Ganesha to guide, prosper and abundantly heal those who come to drink from the fountain of knowledge and divine light.  I ask Shiva to destroy all reservations, perceived limitations, and resistance to moving into a healthier and lighter space and that these words, healing vibrations and blessing embedded in these works, bless the reader abundantly and reveal to them the diamond aspects of their own essence in the name of Jesus, that we are made whole and sacred and healed. 


Here are some things i Know that i Know:  

  • Divine Love is a Doorway that no man can shut

  • We are Worthy of Love and Goodness because it is our Divine Nature, not because of what we do or do not do.  We do not need to prove our worth to anyone;

  • Nobody can take anything away from you that is Real

  • The answer is always to love more- and sometimes that means loving someone else more- and sometime that means loving yourself more

  • Miracles are Real 

  • The Divine is all around us- all the time; all we have to do is lean in and listen and the door to greater understanding, greater insight, will be revealed

  • Don't rely on another to love you the way you want to be loved- Give yourself the gift of Divine Love that wells up from within, that lights the fire from within, and from there... LOVE.

  • I AM very fond of saying, look through the eyes of God- at all things. We have a choice.  When we choose to look through the lens of God, (Divine Love) love beyond fear and judgement and loathing and pain and regret....  things become clear.  My work is to release the resistance to moving into the good feeling place of our highest and best version of ourselves.

You will notice as you journey with me 4 things in my writing style:

1. i purposely and often use little "i" in my writing- and that is intentional because this work is not about me. When i do Reiki, i surrender to the highest light, the highest soul purpose and i become a channel for divine healing;  i witness the blessing and miracles of the healing blessing of God's light and in that, what is right and true for my clients in God's will, comes through. The Divine Story is Divine and Eternal.  God's Truth, and Light and Divine Love and Abundance and Prosperity and Goodness and Good Feelings are our birth right.  We just need to Remember who we are and release that which we are not, in order to see the True Splendor of our world and our Divine Living Essence.


2. Some of the letters in my poems and writing are intentionally capitalized because I AM intuiting the emphasis on the words that are most meaningful and significant in the healing space at the time.

 3. i also consistently emphasize and capitalize the words I AM.  The Mighty I AM Presence as experienced in the I AM Discourses by Saint Germain have been a powerful healing blessing for me.  The I AM is the Eternal Living Essence of God's Light in all things.  Before Abraham was, I AM.  The gift of seeing everything though God's Eyes pales in comparison to self realization and god Realization that everything is God.  Lord Vishnu, blesses us and asks us to see God in All Things, when we can do that... really do that, we experience Enlightenment or Sadhana. I AM that I AM is a blessing to remind us that we are all one, and we are all God.  The Flowers, the grass, the sea, the stars, our food, our friends and all the others....  The Blessing of this realization will set you free in so many ways! 


4. The last thing I AM going to share with you now is  that this Blog is forever Evolving and Expanding. This is a place i come to play, to share and to heal and to bless myself and others. I AM healing myself through this blog, through these words and thoughts.... and my hope for you is that they heal you too in some sacred way. I AM constantly adding something or rephrasing or redesigning these pages, adding to these thoughts, because I AM on my own Healing Journey.  And IAM excited to walk with you awhile.  Thank you for your courage to walk the healing path- I want to end with with two quotes that I heard today:


"It takes Great Courage to see God's face, because you've got to see your own Clearly."  John-Roger, DSS MSIA


"Unity is Divinity- Purity is Enlightenment"- Sathya Sai Baba

May Sai hold you, protect you, bless and prosper you abundantly with the divine healing light of all that I AM.

Love and Light Eternal, Shining Star

Om Sai Ram 

I AM Shining Star, Welcome to my Story

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