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The Birth of the Miracle of 2023

The Healing Cup Blog by Shining Star

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. Do you hear the clock? It is funny how the ticking of a clock, the passing of time from one moment to the next, can pass by with so much noise, and yet be gone as quickly as it began. Tick. Tock.

Today is a time of Endings, and it is a time of Beginnings. It is time to say Goodbye to 2022 and put our arms Lovingly around 2023 with Hope that it will be Better. 2022 seems to me to be a sigh, and soon it will be gone. In 2022, we ventured out of our hidey holes and breathed a new fresher kind of air. We began to move through the conversations in our Heart of Forgiving covid for disrupting our lives in such aggressive, painful and unavoidable ways. Today, when i look around me, i see worn-out faces that are tired of the fast-paced race of trying to survive, let alone thrive. And at the same time, i see the birth of that which is coming.

It is a funny thing to see your own birth coming. I AM witnessing myself with more Grace as i Move Forward. I AM witnessing myself, Forgiving myself for not being perfect. I AM witnessing myself with more Grace for the unknown and unknowable. I AM Stronger in my Knowledge of who I AM, for i have been tested. Let us not waste words on that which we are letting go. Just, Let It Go. Like leaves in the wind or grains of sand on the beach; without ceremony, but maybe sometimes with tears, let go of that which is not serving you, that which is not coming forward with you, that which does not belong, and that which we will not allow to define us any longer!

And reach for the Miracle! The Miracle? Yes! Reach for the Miracle that is Glowing in your Heart now, as you read these words! I AM a Torch-Bearer- I Bring the Light! And you are a Torch-Bearer; you can Bring the Light to the places inside of you that ache or hurt, places that are often, shrouded in darkness. So! Shine On, Shining Stars! Light the Brave new world coming, with your Light! Brandish you Colors High so all can See that you mean to paint this world in the Brilliance of Love and Grace! And offer it first to yourself in your battle cry! I AM! I AM letting go of the old, with Grace. I AM Moving Forward on my path, with Grace. I AM Grace and all the things that i believe i can't carry on my own, i Surrender and let the Light carry it for me in it's Rays of Love!

Stop the shuffling of your feet and Decide Where you Want to be and go there Now! If you are on the fence about something, touch your Heart, and Feel the heat of Love Flowing to you and through you and Now, make the Decision to take a tiny step forward and Know it is Good, (regardless of whatever that decision may be). And, if you are aching, tell your secrets to the Rose and let her Smile into your Heart! Be willing to let go of the old flame that does not burn True in your Heart anymore; be willing to be the Voyager who sets sail into the midnight sky not knowing where he is going but Willing to chart his luck on the Star Chart that has been laid out for him! Dive into your Joy as if it were a Spring of Everlasting Strength that you can drink in and Know definitively, I AM OKAY. Let the drum of Peace echo in your Heart and Know, without a doubt, that I AM held. Even though i may not know where I AM going, I AM moving Forward into the uncertain sea WITH Grace and Love Holding me!

I AM writing a book. And i wait on God for the next word. And so, all of us are writing our own books. Trust that the book that is written, is Written with Love.

2022 is Ending let it take with it all that serves thee not! And 2023 is Birthing your Tomorrow; Hold it as you would a Newborn Bird and Trust that she will Sing into your Heart all that you need Today!

In Loving Grace, I AM, Shining Star

Welcome to the Birth of all of your Tomorrows!


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