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The Angels Walk with Us

The Healing Cup- Spiritual Inspiration for Today

Angels whisper words of Inspiration and Love even when we can't hear them. They whisper the promise of our future and with Kindness and Mirth, they keep Revealing to us the Light within us that has the Power to Manifest Miracles in our Holy and Highest path that Creates within us, a Greater sense of Meaning in our lives.

Today, inside our personal struggles and mental warfare, we are also being given a Gift. You see, the pain of today, is a sign post that allows us to see and feel with greater Clarity those things that are no longer serving our highest and greatest Purpose. We are being invited to walk to the threshold of what we believe is possible, and from that high post, we are being asked to bear Witness to the story that lives within us.

We, Brave Souls! We are willing to do the soul work! That is why we are Gathering at this time. Because we are aware that it costs us so much more, than we are willing to pay, to stay in the place of not moving forward. We are not willing to pay the cost of stagnation and fear any longer! We are Willing, Buoyed up with Faith, with arms held high! Embrace the coming of our next.., the Birthing of our next step which is just a continuation of a journey that started a long, long time ago.

If we take a look at our lives through God's Heart and through His eyes, we notice that within our pain, we also Witness our Courage, that battles and beats down our fear. We Witness the Light of Faith within, that Overcomes the darkness of uncertainty. In our stories of pain, we bear Witness to the Greatness within ourselves and within each other. And as we Witness this Greatness of an Enduring Spirit, we Choose more and more to Believe in the Greatness and Light that is inside of each and every one of us; and it is in this Recognition that we are Reminded that we are One. And we are Powerful. And when we reach with Tenderness our next step, we allow Grace to be our Wings that allow us our Triumph!

Truth? We are here to Witness each others light, and to Expand that Light and Awareness to Bless all of our loves and our work. In Blessing that which is known to us and close to us, we also give ourselves Permission to spread and Expand our Love to Light the paths and hearts of those we do not know.... the strangers in another land, that are also of the light and one with us.

The ability to Heal the world is within us, and it begins with each Humble and Courageous step that we Choose to take forward to Love ourselves more, and love others more, and Witness the Greatness inside of each of us Expand over and over and over again, until we are so Brilliant with Love that the bounds of this physical reality can no longer can hold us.. and we Return to the Great Eternal Star of Divine Love that we always have been, …that we are even Now.

Love Eternal, Shining Star

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