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Let Painful Echoes Go!

The Healing Cup Blog by Shining Star

Hello my lovelies! We just finished another amazing SOL Luminaries Leadership Group and the conversation that was coming through from guidance was the idea that some of the pains, frustrations, anger and sadness that we are feeling today is really just an echoing of a past trauma or past conversation that lives inside of our hearts. Hurt-filled Words like knives often scrape our hearts and make us bleed on the inside from wounds that we cannot see. But, this remembered pain, like a ripple in a pool, can still exist inside of our heart or our mind or our bodies and affect our experiencing of joy, love, peace and success. So, I AM inviting all of you to think about what stories are echoing inside of your heart that may be affecting your love and your loves and your life. And just let it go!

LET IT GO! ......Because life is too short! Don't wait to forgive yourself! Don't wait to forgive others! Feel the Victory and Vibrancy of Divine Love Flowing through your Heart and Sacred Heart and be the Light and Love that you crave in your life Now!

Don't wait for someone to bring Sunshine into your life- BE THE SUNSHINE! and Be the Blessing for others who are still waiting under the storm cloud for their blessings!

Love Eternal, Shining Star

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