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Heart- Light Shine!

SOL Luminaries Leadership Gathering with Shining Star

Today's SOL Luminaries Leadership Gathering was powerful! Today we witnessed the Heart-Light inside of us expanding! We know of our physical heart, but there is a spiritual heart that lives there too. The opening in our lives occur when our spiritual heart opens and we realize that we are ready to receive her gifts. The Heart-Light is a beacon of light and love that literally shines from within with the love of the eternal star, that paves the way for our love and life. Today we witnessed our hearts expand into the wholeness that is the galactic vibration of love. We witnessed ourselves as shining stars in the dark velvet of the sky and through our spiritual eyes we witnessed our light expand to touch those stars that orbit near or around us. These neighboring stars are our loves, our children, our husband and wives, our co-workers and bosses, our mothers and fathers- and strangers we have yet to meet. And we witnessed how our light expanding influences their orbit as we envelope them in our light and love. The Expanding Rose born in our hearts today was witnessed- we felt her and we saw her as we left behind the old bindings of yesterday and bravely erupted into the blazing super nova that our tomorrow demands! The gifts of the Expanding Rose were received today, with great love and appreciation!

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