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The JOY Bird!

The Healing Cup Blog with Shining Star

Today I met a JOY Bird! Oh Celebration in my Heart! She came to me with soft eyes and sang a song that Filled and Lifted me! She sat with me a bit, perched on the edge of Eternity and I saw the Rainbow Dazzle that lived inside of her that most people don't see. I guess I have that gift; I AM the one that Witnesses the Rainbow Fountains inside of all the beautiful birds in God's garden! She doesn't know of course, that my eyes are Open, that I AM Awake and that I can truly See HER; but she Feels it inside, this Love, that I AM and she Chooses every day to Sing Out Loud, to Love Out Loud, this Song, for the whole world to Feel! Because, Kindness Matters.

May you all have the Beauty of the JOY Birds fill your Garden! Shining Star, what can you possibly mean by such a Simple Prayer? It is a prayer of Grace and Love my lovelies! It is a prayer of Forgiveness, and Patience and Grace- A Gift that we can Give ourselves first, and then, (and only then) to others, to Lighten The Way!

May the Beautiful people in your world, in Loving Spirit find your Heart! For it is in their Loving Expressions that they Invite us to see ourselves in a Warmer Light; A Kinder Light; A more Patient Light; A More... dare I say it, Forgiving Light! And Forgiving ourselves our trespasses against ourselves and others, Forgiving the lies written on our bodies and Minds and Hearts is the threshold to Deeper Loving of Self. This is of course, The Healing Cup Blog, and this blog is an Invitation to see through the veil of misgivings and perceive the world in A More Loving Light. I AM an Invitation to dare to Shine Loving Expressions of Forgiveness and Joy on the hallowed halls of our own Heart and Mind.

My loves, it is not about what you do, but HOW you do it that matters. If you speak but do it without Kindness, without Softness, without Love,... then when you speak you Demonstrate to others how you feel inside of your own curtains of pain, More so than anything else in the world.

The JOY Birds Define and Demonstrate for he or she who Witnesses her sing, a world of Unity whereby we Allow ourselves to be Lifted and Lighted and Brightened by a Kindness. And like a kite we Soar into the Heavens on this Expression of Loving and in so doing we are Witnessed in our Flight by all the birds, still resting in the nest.

Do you see!? You and I are the JOY Birds that make Bright one another's day! And it matters not, "the what you do", so much as you Choose Loving Expression as your pen! And Write upon the Hearts of all you See, my lovelies! Aye! Write on My Heart, Write on Your Heart and Write on OUR Hearts! WRITE over the lies and anger and fear that is often writ there, and Write with your Golden Pen all the secrets of this Loving world that Refresh the wilted petals and the wounded hearts of the Rose. When we look deep, and I mean oh so deep, deeper now, deeper now, still, deeper now, Deeper, than you ever thought you could go....there. NOW....

What do you Dare to See........?

Yes! Deep in the jungle, the Heart of the Rose is Beaming as she listens to the Song of the JOY Bird, Singing in your Heart!

Because She Knows the Secrets of the Rose that You Whisper to Yourself when you Are Dreaming of this thing, called LOVE.

In Loving Expression, I AM Shining Star

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