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Give as the Rays of Sunshine Giveth Love to the Flowers!

The Healing Cup with Shining Star

What is it to Give? It seems to me that the majority of humans today, have it all wrong. We seem to get so wrapped up in the idea that giving, must be a surrendering of something, a letting go of something valuable that we still desire to hold. And the belief that penetrates our giving unconsciously is that once we give, we actually give "it" away, and that is to say that we must no longer possess it. We give money to a reputable charity knowing our money is going to go and do good things, but we have a concept in our heart that the money has gone from our pocketbooks and is away somewhere doing good work.

To Give is not to give away. If we but realized the power of what it means to give, the entirety of our worlds axis that is spinning, often in places of fear, would be turned on its side and we would Allow ourselves to see the face of God. What do I mean by that? "To Give" was never meant to be "to give away", but in our tarnished experience of lack and fear this ideology has taken root.

My lovelies, the deep Truth is that, to Give is to Receive! When we Give to another, we often Give to ourselves because we are One, One Golden Leaf on One Golden Tree. It happens no other way! When we Give we create space for the Newness that is budding and birthing inside of us! When we Give with Love we Demonstrate to others what it is to Give with Love. And we are Witnessed. We are witnessed not only by others but we witness ourselves in our own Sacred Generosity that lives within. As such we bear Witness to the Sacredness of the Mighty I AM Presence that is birthing our new comprehensive Understanding of what it means to Thrive, to Love, to Give and Live in Gratitude. Who knew that four little letters pulled together in one little word could mean so much to the world!

Think now on the daffodils and the roses who Give their Love through their perfume that they eagerly Share on the breath of the breeze that tickles our skin as we bow our heads to Pray. Think now on the Glorious Energy of the Sun who's Rays Shine on the flowers to Bless and Nurture them and think on your Cherished ones as sublime roses of Perfection in God's Garden. Think on this now, that the Beautiful Ocean of Love in her emerald green and majestic dressing offers the Gifts of the sea upon the shores of our Heart endlessly! And what, do they all ask of us in return?

As you Bow your head on Thanksgiving Day, take a moment to touch your Heart and say Thank You to the small incredible voice of your innocence that remembers who is choosing to love you and who you are, that is choosing, every day, to Love and Give to others, (strangers and friends) as the ocean waves and sunshine gives unto us!

Offer Blessings for all of your Loves, your Family, your Work, your Abundance and Prosperity! (Even as you ask God for more Abundance and Prosperity, for more Clarity, for Illumination of the Path that leads to still Greater Illumination and Greater Love)! Aye! Hold in your Golden Heart, that which contains the Golden Flame of the Breath of Eternity and Remind yourself that you are Holy and as a Holy being it is your Divine Right to touch the Remembered Star of what it truly Feels like to Give and Receive as one.

May a Glow of the most Sacred Ray of Divine Love completely Enrapture you as you Surrender your Heart, as Mother Earth and Father Sky Surrender theirs, completely upon the alter made of Gold, where your Divine Love rests Forever Enfolded in the Understanding that to Love, to Give, is Sacred. And May the Abundance and Prosperity of all of your giving return to you a thousand trillion times as the Heart of Mother and the Great Star of Father Smiles upon you and your Families in this Blessed Season of Thanksgiving. May God Hold You Always in His Illumed Light and Perfection.


Love Eternal, Shining Star

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