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Welcome to the Sacred Circle: A Note from the Angels

Today I saw 11 Canadian Geese grazing near my office. In my sacred journey through pain towards indominable triumph, I have learned that the symbology of our ordinary lives reveals the majesty and sacredness of our world. The angels speak and the symbols are signposts that help guide us to see the unseen and witness the majesty of our true passions and purpose. The spiritual meaning of Canadian Geese is all about the Sacred Circle. And I am very aware, that this is a signpost in my life that is encouraging me to be more aware of and nurture my relationship and connectivity with the inner sacred circle. Our "reality" and "perspective" rests on the golden yantra of the sacred circle of life that is the ever present, unchanging and only true and perfect constant in the heart of God. In my awakening, this signpost is yet another sign that is paving the way towards an understanding that I AM connected, I AM guided and that there is a doorway that I AM walking towards. This is a reminder for us toilers, to not loose faith, to not loose vision but to focus more completely on the vision that is blooming in our hearts. The answers are right there in front of you Shining Star. Look with new eyes, choose to see your reality though new eyes and not through the limited belief systems that you once held. You are held by God now and you are aware of this reckoning. Once you understand that you are completely held by God, nothing can truly scare you because your faith will buoy you up even though the strands of fear try to tie you down. You have your own sacred journey and sacred angels to guide you on that journey.

The angels whisper to me, "we are always with you, never apart.... always beside you, never absent. We witness your hurts and your successes and your failures but seen through our eyes it is all a Triumph. A Triumph of such magnitude that you cannot even fathom. Being part of the sacred circle is an understanding that everything is connected and that everything is working for the betterment of humanity; that everything is working towards the global concousness of Mother Gaia. That everything in the intertwining's of this reality is moving towards a higher purpose- one that often remains unseen by you and so in these episodes of lack of understanding we invite you to lean more completely into your faith into your spiritual practices. We urge you to mediate - once in the morning and once in the evening. This will help anchor you in the understanding that IS the witness for you to become that which you know you are growing into. We understand that at times it is inconvenient. However, we urge you to reconsider your commitment to your spirtual practices that will aide you greatly as you grow in the circumstances that are being created around you and within you and for you. You are greatly protected! You are surrounded at all times with love. There is no failure in truth, for you at all. The great understanding, often overlooked and unseen, is that everything is growing and evolving, including you. Yes! You have let go of some limiting belief systems that were causing resistance to you moving into the fullness of your potential and we celebrate with you these moments of release and surrender! And as we continue to guide you, you will continue to let go of more and more of your limiting belief systems. When the limiting belief systems have been released completely then you will buoy up like a cork in the ocean and you will be set free! It is not going to happen the way you think its going to happen Shining Star. The magnitude and grace that will be visited upon you will be something so profound that you do not have words to describe the Joy of your Surrender and Discovery of that which is Sacred within you!

We invite you to be patient. We invite you to love deeply. We invite you to have faith." Enjoy these moments as you traverse along this path, rocky as it may seem, for your freedom is being revealed to you in so many of your precious moments. When you look at the boulders that you climb, we see specks of sand that blow in the wind.

Your world, your body, your sacred experiencing is more malleable than you can imagine!

Love Eternal, Shining Star

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