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Where did YOUR Happy GO?

The Healing Cup:

Let's talk about what Inspires us today! What makes you feel Alive?

What makes you feel Alive with Hope....Alive with Possibility? What makes you feel Alive and Energized? What makes you feel like spinning and Dancing like the Innocent Happy child that is Living in your Heart!?

So many people tell me, "I don't know what happened to me. I just don't feel like myself, I feel like I am lost or that I lost some part of myself that allows me to be happy." It is sad and true, our rush rush, instant gratification, "have to do this in order to be successful" lifestyle has taken us away from the experiencing of our Innocent Joy of Being that resides deep within us, that is clamoring to be set Free and Witnessed and Felt and Appreciated and Applauded. And the Honest Truth is that we have all been there consciously or unconsciously at one point of our life, and we may even be there now.

So, let's talk about what makes us Happy! Wherever the Fountain of your Happy is, Go THERE! Whatever Silly Crazy Dream or thing lives there, DO THAT!

If we aim to and commit to feeling and touching what we deeply Love, at least once a day..

If we set Sacred Space aside for ourselves to Experience something that Lifts us Up, once a day...

If we set the Intention to Gently Grow, to Extend, to Expand something that Inspires us to be more, to be greater than ourselves, once a day...

If we commit to being in the Moment of Unbridled IN-JOYing something that we can loose ourselves in, at least once a day...

And If we Allow ourselves the Place and Time to PLAY with, and tinker with something that sets our Heart on Fire with Unprisioned Passion at least once a day...

Well then, Just Imagine, what kind of Passionate Energy you can Unleash and funnel towards, the direction of your Opus! It doesn't have to be done of course, so we must Choose to Create Space to Experience the thing you Love. As I began my Awakening, I often found myself saying, "just for the fun of it, I am going to...." My heart, talking to my mind, phrased it that way, because once we add "pressure" of "have to", it becomes an obligation and joins the ranks of our already stressful, anxious "have to world" of responsibility and that is heavy. We already wear the weight of the world on our shoulders, we do not need more of the same. What we do need, desperately is to Lighten our load and do something for the pure devilish Fun of it! And that action alone, Inspires our Soul to Sing the Song of our Heart! And if we don't know our Souls Song, that is okay! Touching our Joy just for the fun of it, is a Doorway to opening the Universal Song of Love that Sings in all things, including You. By Touching our Dream, we Invite the Possibility of our Soul's Song Being Birthed and Witnessed in our Lives Now.

When we Learn that it is okay to Play, just because it is Fun and we honor the little child that is Clapping Excitedly inside of ourselves, yelling, "I like to have Fun!", we Realize that what we put our Hands and Hearts to, once a day, that thing, that passion, that story, that book.. IS being born, quietly, gently without pressure and that our Dreams are Rising in our own experiencing and Expression of JOY. And as you experience Your Unique Expression of Joy, the Truth of your "Happy" is Witnessed in your life, much like the quiet Expectation we have upon Witnessing the Rising of the Sun over the Ocean.

When you touch your "JOY" and push your "PLAY BUTTON" more of the time, Imagine the Passionate New Fresh Inspired Energy that is available to Overflow into your other ventures, your loves, your home, your work, your body, your children. The Energy of our Love and "Playtime" Springs forth the Joy of the Innocent Child and we are Free to, ... We quietly Allow ourselves by our actions that we are Choosing, to be a little bit more of our Genuine Selves. We can Choose to touch our Joy every day and Remember what it Feels like to be Happy! In that way you capture your JOY, you Remember the lost part of yourself, the Child in you that Just Wants to PLAY! Remember the JOY and "Happy" of Gleefully rolling down the tallest, grassiest hill, just because you can?

Be. That. Feel. Your. HAPPY. Again. And Every Day Touch Your Joy!

Love Eternal, Shining Star


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