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History of the Healing Cup Blog

The Healing Cup Blog:

Is a positivity blog anchored in spiritual wisdom; it serves as an Invitation, a Doorway to learn more and connect with into the heart strings and experiences of my spiritual questing. That which is written is channeled through Love Divine. i refer often to "I AM" and this is in reference and reverence to The Mighty I AM Presence ( I AM THAT I AM) that resides in every heart.  i once was the one who was lost and hurting and I AM here for you.  Many years ago, I wrote a poem called A Single Drop.  In a time that i was hurting, it gave me strength to reach for my Remembering. It is a calling for all those who are ready to release the illusions of who you think you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to do, and what  you are supposed to carry, and what you think they took from you.  Nobody can truly take anything from you that is real. This poem is the seed of my Opus, My Light Purpose- my Soul's Song.  Everyone has a story, it is true, but we do not need to be defined by these stories, the ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions, constructs and "happenings" in our lives.  

Gradient Ocean

Is it Time for a Healing Conversation?

Is it Time for More Joy & Peace?  Is it time to find the old you who you lost along the way?

Ask yourself what you are ready to let go of and what you are eagerly giving birth to, right now?

The Moment you Reach out, you will find All I AM reaching back towards you!


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