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  • Shining Star

All It Takes is a Bit of Courage

The Healing Cup:

Welcome to the New Year!

What you are Expressing right now in your busy day,

is a Snapshot of your Experiencing,

And in the Song that is Sung... it is a Life Well Lived!

The Symphony of your Moments, of your Days, of your Years and of your Lifetimes is comprised of the Music notes of your Hope and Love, Suffering and Perseverance;

your Ambition and Action, your Words and your Truth, your Wins and Losses,

your Dreams and Phantoms...

In any single second you can take a Picture of who you are in that Moment.

IN that Stillness you can Ask the question: Who Am I? and Who Am I Being?

The WHO AM I is easy. You are LOVE. You are LIGHT. YOU are the Truth. You are Eternal.

Who Am I Being? Who Am I Choosing to be right Now?

What Am I Choosing to Experience right now?

Well, my Friend, in every Moment, that is up to You!

Every. Single. Moment.

In every single Moment we Choose who we are going to Be

and How we are Showing Up for our Family and Loves,

and Work, our Children and our Service

Are we Moving Forward or are we Held against something in our Past?

Are we Blooming, Blossoming,.... Expanding?

YES! Even the tiniest Seed which appears to be still and Motion-less,

in the cold, cold ground is Moving...

Quietly Wiggling, Shaking, Inching towards its Expansion

and the Birth of a New Vison of Itself in the Flower it is Destined to be!

Together, in this New Year of 2022,

We are Stepping out as Survivors and Creators!

We are Stepping into our Uncertainty

that is yet to be Defined...

And that takes Courage!

Every time you take a Step Forward,

you take a Step into Experiencing your Courage!

And you have to Choose to be Brave long before that even occurs;

And it isn't just Choosing to be Brave once or twice that Wins the day

It is a Continual Commitment of Choosing LOVE over fear that ALLOWS us

to Step Lightly with FAITH into New Territories and Experience New Horizons

in the Freedom that Becomes us All!

The Bird that is afraid to Fly

will Never Touch the Horizon...

and He or She that is Untouched by VISION

Never Wants to leave the Nest.

But for the rest of us, the Adventurers, the Explorers...the Astronauts!

We are the Courageous few that Reach for the Truth and at the top of the Temple

we Scream out and Declare our Freedom!


The Earth is just a Seed in the Womb of the Universe

Waiting to give Birth

to our Next Triumph!

~Love Eternal, Shining Star


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