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Loving Testimonials:

Image by Berke Can

When I talk with Shannon Stone, I can see the light even if I am in the dark! Every time when I need to take something out of my heart, the things that hurt in my heart, and I talk to Shannon, the troublesome thoughts, the negative thoughts, go away and the peace comes into my body – the peace I can feel and I can start breathing again!  After I met Shannon, my life changed because she offers this amazing fountain of positive energy that I feel around me. I don’t know how, but I feel it covers my body, my mind, my heart and I feel lifted-up, refreshed, energized- and everything changes for the better! When you talk to Shannon Stone, it is as if she talks directly to your heart! Directly to your mind and soul and you can’t help but feel entirely different! You just seem to notice right away after listening to Shannon, how life can change for the better in ways you did not even realize!
Thank you, Shannon! 

Image by Wesley Eland
Image by Aaron Burden
I want to share a blessing of gratitude for Shannon Stone! Her ever-present positive energy has always been one of the major reasons why I value her friendship, and this year though SOL Leadership Luminaries, she has catapulted this next chapter of happiness in my life as the things on my list, that I want for my life, have become true, and/or strengthened, demonstrating to me, how much we can impact our lives with a positive force!  Shannon is a force of positivity for sure and I am forever grateful!
~ Su
Image by micheile dot com

Thank you Shannon Stone, from all of my heart, for sharing your time with me!  I got home to Denver and was filled with gratitude, light and an abundance of work!  Hearing your story and then finding out that you were the speaker that I most looked  forward to was a blessing! The message you shared was so touching and pushed forward the messages that I hold in my heart as well- serving as a reminder to me that living as the fearless authentic self has value!

~ Ericka


What a beautiful gift of shining light Shannon Stone is to the world!  Shannon helped me through a very difficult energetic time in my life. We all have experiences in our lives when we feel we have lost the connection with our higher self - God, Buddha, the Universe, your personal connection. 

What causes this disconnect? They are a multitude of things around us and inside of us; physical pain, emotional disturbance, personal or financial loss, environmental, and more. 


I was knocked out of my connection by three major life changing events; I experienced physical and emotional pain and a loss at the same time. Trying to find my own way back to who I am, felt like I was walking in the dark, through mud. Meeting Shannon Stone was God sending me the gift of light that I was asking for! She has helped me move through and release the left over pain from my surgery and she guided me over my heartache from a broken relationship. Shannon helped me clear my energy inside of myself and inside of my home. It’s as if she speaks directly through Angels and directly into my heart, the words that I need to hear from my guides!


If you have ever asked God for help or asked your angels for guidance, Shannon is the channel and transmission of what you need to hear to help you! 


You are a shining soul my dear! Thank you!


Image by Anders Jildén
Image by Calaful Prints
Ever since meeting Shannon, she has been a bright light in my life. I've never met a Reiki Master in real life, but Shannon never gave me any doubts. We got lunch just once and she was already reading into my energy, validating how I was feeling and affirming so much of who I AM that I was always afraid to admit. At that point, Shannon was just a friend. I continued working with Shannon through her bimonthly group called Seeds of Light or SOL, which brings together other light beings who care about nourishing themselves and their spirits, so they can shine bright. Shannon has many frameworks she's developed to help that group see their own light. I remember we walked through the Sunrise/Sunset framework and  that helped me understand who I AM without restriction. It is Shannon who has made me feel like I can step into who I AM without shame. And finally, I've worked with Shannon 1:1 for a healing session. While I don't want to spoil exactly what happened during the session, I do know that with her spiritual gifts, she was able to recall so much of my past lives so that I could recognize the patterns and release them. She was able to recite my birth story, and knew exactly where in my body I held my pain and trauma. We did breathwork, meditation, visualization, slight pressure work, and screamwork to release so much of what I was carrying and to welcome in this new, more aligned version of me. I am extremely grateful that Shannon and I crossed paths.

~ Charlyn

My Darling,
Brilliant Majestic, Flame Within
Cosmic Conscious Well Overflowing! Sparkling Universal Eyes Smiling! Shining Illumination, Enlighten and Brighten Me! Glittering Cosmic Wings Healing Journey Home
My Heart Song Sung
Harmony of days Gone Gold
Welcome Sweet Surrender My Gracious Love,
I AM Home!

~ Shining Star

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