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Welcome SOL Leadership Luminaries!

Hello Heart Led Leaders!- I see you!

Do you feel the song that sings inside of you?  ....Do you truly take the time to listen?

SOL stands for Seeds of Light! & Luminaries are brilliant celestial lights that illuminate a darkened sky!

We are Shining Stars! We are all Brilliant bright, lights shining in the darkness! And we quietly, lovingly share our light with others who are sharing their light with us!

What you will find at SOL Leadership Luminaries:

SOL Leadership Luminaries is a collective of Heart Centered Leaders who come together to share a deeper understanding of the Energy that makes up the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical landscape of our personal and professional lives.

JOIN us for an Uniquely Guided and Inspired Meditation, to clear and connect to our highest versions of ourselves so that we create, experience and lead with  MORE JOY, ABUNDANCE, PEACE, BALANCE, CLARITY, CREATIVITY, PASSION in our lives NOW and utilize that LIGHT within us to TRANSFORM and HEAL and POSITIVELY IMPACT our lives and the lives of others!


Everyone is looking for more peace, more joy and more Happy in their day.

  • Do you now HOW to Truly Connect with the Source of Good Feelings and Good Things? AND Allow that Well Spring of Goodness to Flow Through your Moments to Bless and Heal your days so you FEEL free to Accept more peace and joy in your life?

At SOL we Cultivate Spiritual Practices of Asking for, Accepting and Allowing the Peace and Loving Inspiration of our Highest Self to find us so that we can more clearly hear the bluebird of happiness in our lives!

At SOL Luminous Leaders:  YOU WILL:

  1. Find an Illuminated Perspective, a Mindset, a Declaration, a Framework on how to live a life full of JOY and ABUNDANCE!

  2. Release the OLD that limits you and Bring in the NEW so you can THRIVE!

  3. Identify and Walk through Doorways to your own Loving Expression!


In every conversation, in every act of connection with a fellow human being there is a transfer of energy and ideas! Let them be GOOD and LOVING!  Let us LIFT-UP, INSPIRE and EMPOWER one another with POSITIVITY and Expand our arms to embrace our fellow brothers and sisters who walk along side us in our journey home!  We are the astronauts, the explorers, the warriors, the torch bearers of light that illuminate the way for ourselves and others! 

We are a community of professionals who are committed to and dedicated to doing the spiritual healing and transformational work that leads to the illumination of the highest and best version of ourselves so that we can better serve our purpose.

Together, we hold sacred space together to Learn, Grow, Share and Connect with a community of like-minded, human beings who strive to create positive impact and share meaningful moments with others.

We Believe in showing up authentically, honoring and respecting all opinions and beliefs with compassion, and serving each other well, through the light of universal loving and inspiration.

Come and Share what is on your mind and in your heart with like-minded friends and leave feeling Lighter and Brighter and Energized to face the day’s journey!

Join our Seeds Of Light ZOOM Meditation: 

WHEN: every other Tuesday from 9:00-10:00 AM MST

WHY?: to be Inspired and leave feeling Lighter and Brighter and Energized to face the day’s journey!

HOW: (By Invitation Only Please reach out to Shining Star at 303.810.5528)

Do you find yourself Leaning in?

Are you interested in Transforming your moments from stress to peace? From overwhelm to more loving expression? Are you interested in freeing yourself from the heavy burdens and finding some joy and LIGHT in your day!




"In the Energy of the Togetherness That I AM, it is not about where I AM beginning or ending. It is that we are all Timeless and in Motion, Expanding, Moving through these Ribbons of Possibilities into the Moment of our Greatness that is NOW! 

Welcome to Our Sacred Stream of Light Consciousness for Healing, Transformation & Expansion 

                                        ~ Shining Star,

Tel: 303.810.5528


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