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  • Shining Star

i once was young and innocent

i was once a child, young and innocent

Return to me my youth!

Return to me my innocence!

let me go dancing and stomping

in the pools of water,

for the pure joy of it!

let me stare up into a dark sky filled with sparkling stars,

for the pure wonder of it!

let me go rolling down a green velvet hill,

for the sheer devilment of it!

Oh God! i call out to you and ask you

to Remind my heart, my body, and my mind

what it was once like to be young and innocent!

And if thou cannot return to me my youth,

return to me my innocence

and i shall guard it

like the lighthouse guards the sea-

in vigilance, and in every way

Remind me of the elasticity

of my flexible mind and body

Remind me of the purity of my own

tender heart

and lift me up in your arms

so that i may kiss your face

and know that i am free!

Shine Bright, the World Needs YOUR Light, Now More Than Ever!

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