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Thank you! My Beautiful Body!

The Healing Cup- by Shining Star

It is interesting how life takes us in different directions, unanticipated directions; directions that we did not see in our version of our perfect mapped desires. We are humbled. We ask for grace, but we also must create space in our heart to receive the grace that we have asked for so earnestly. A dear friend of mine was just sharing a conversation in her heart. Her husband who is in the military, just suffered a heart attack. And she remarked to me, “ he is recovering even is funny Shining Star, that he knows how to fight on the battlefield, but this is different…. on the battlefield he knows who his enemy is and the weapons he has at his disposal. But what do we do when our bodies begin to fight us? On the battlefield we know how to fight, and we fight our wars and are often victorious. But when our body is fighting us, undermining us, failing us... how do we fight this battle? The answer is that we do not. The answer is always to love more- bottom line across the board, and if that is hard for you to understand, you are not alone. Nevertheless, the answer is always to love more!

And so, when we look in the mirror at our extra weight, or our wrinkles, or we moan because our knee that always aches, is hurting again...our impulse is to be angry, to be frustrated, to be fearful. But our bodies are the temple of God, and in the temple of God so we lay down our arms and offer our love only. So, when you stare at your naked body in the mirror and you grimace because you can’t help yourself, right after you moan say thank you! Thank you! My Beautiful Body for standing beside me through the hurt and the pain and the misgivings that I offer unto you. Thank you! My Beautiful Body, for being the temple of my hope and my dreams and my only vehicle to experience the loving lessons of God on this beautiful blue/green marble in the vastness of space, called Earth. Thank you! My Beautiful Body, for the ability to walk and talk and feel the petals of the rose. Thank you! My Beautiful Body, for my heart that beats and connects me to the heartbeat of Mother Gaia that is found within me as it is reflected through the vision I hold unto everything within my earthly gaze. Whether we like it or not we cannot fight the stories we don’t like to see in our bodies, the only way to move through these lessons of love-ing is to create space for grace. Oh! And we can be strong, and we can be resilient, and we can persevere! But to fight is to admit that there is a battle going on in the temple of God. It is always grace that is holding our hands even when the paper dragons seem to attack! Offer your body love-ing tenderness and grace regardless of its seeming imperfections and failings, and the wonder of God’s grace and all I AM in His vision, will rise up to meet you in the image in the mirror before you!

When you create space for the heart of God to smile within you- you start to see through His vision and forgo your own that is colored with pain. To see your body and life through the visioning and truth of God, in loving forgiveness for your shortcomings and judgements, this is to love truly all I AM.


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