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To All the Shining Stars - Thank you!

To All the Shining Stars, that are out their Shining, Thank you for your Light!

Little Shining Star, you may not have noticed me, but today I noticed you and your Light!

Amid extraordinarily challenging times, I noticed you, Shining Bright!

Do you know what a Shining Star is? A Shining Star is a Small Brilliant Light in the darkness! When you look up at a dark sky, you see the darkness all around you and you Always notice the Stars Shining Bright!

By your actions, loving words, warmth and positivity, you touched someone’s heart today and naturally Lightened and Brightened their day!

For those who know you, and for those who pass by your orbit for just a little while, you are a warm fire on a blisteringly cold day, a safe harbor in rough waters, a shiny reminder of better days, that are coming soon.

You are a Lighthouse Keeper! You choose to keep your Light and Love and Fire burning and others that find themselves near you, feel your compassion, love and positivity. And in today's world, that can make all the difference because in turn, they are "Lighted" by you as they find their way through their own storms.

You may not realize the power that you possess Shining Star. You are a Beacon of Hope; A light that keeps the ships from hitting the rocks.

Today I saw you Shining, and I bear witness to your Light! In your lovely heart, I feel your hope and generosity of spirit and compassion. And I AM warmed by the fires of love that burn within you!

When we walk into a dark room, we turn on the light. But what happens when we walk into a dark room and we turn on the light, and it doesn’t seem bright enough for us to see into all the dark corners?

First, Shining Star, we Shine Bright, and then we Choose to Shine Brighter! And that takes courage and perseverance and a great amount of heart love.

Thank you for making a difference in someone’s life today! Remember how Beautiful and Powerful you are! I AM just one tiny person in a big world of people that you touch and bless every day!

Thank you for your loving positivity and thank you for choosing, to Shine Bright! Those who touch your Brilliance are Blessed. I honor you, and I Bless you to the fullest of all I AM, in the great wide heart scape of the universe.

Thank you for Shining Bright, Little Shining Star!

We need your Light, today, More than Ever!

God Bless You and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love one tiny brilliant bright light, blessed to shine alongside a billion other Shining Stars


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