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the journey of life is love

"Am I Enough?" This question has plagued me my entire life. It is the voice of fear that whispers doubting thoughts, as I stretch in new and challenging and often uncomfortable ways. Am I Good enough? Am I Smart enough? Am I Strong enough?

And today in meditation, I heard the words,:

"Are YOU enough, You ask? ..... AM I, enough?"

Loving Family, I started this blog to share wisdom and guidance that comes through me with the purpose to lighten and brighten the paths of others. Not knowing who the others are, but trusting blindly that those who are ready to receive will randomly be brought to this space that I AM holding for this sacred purpose. With light in my heart, and the blessing of the knowing that the will is beyond my own, I am sharing the words that were seeded in my heart.

"Is it enough to know that God is now, that I AM right now, within and beside you?...In your trials, in your pain, in your sorrow? ... as much as I AM in your joy and levity? Is it enough to know that I AM protecting your loved ones? Is it enough to know that you can give me anything, and i will take it? Your sorrows, your pain, your fear, your anger, your guilt...., your love? Is it enough to know that as the leaf bobs in the river, so we are all moving forward in the river of life. Falling and screaming down the waterfall with joy or fear (your choice, My will) or barely floating on the fluttering current? Gently gliding forward, ever changing, evolving, adapting, even if it is so slowly to be imperceptible? Yes dear one, everyone is on their own journey. Look through my eyes at the children of god and set yourself and them free from your judgement and frustration and anger. A shining star, always shines."

Family, we have the blessing to Witness the growth and stretching and becoming of the ones who are near and dear to us. We may not always agree with them or understand where they are coming from, but it is in our power to Witness them and their truths. We have the power to Observe them as they stretch, like flowers, to the sun. We have the choice to Accept them as they are and to Love them not for what they stand for or say, especially if we do not agree with the messaging. But as God watches and observes us, we have the gift also, to observe others as they are and for the journey they alone are experiencing. It is only in the love of the golden sun, that flowers truly flourish.

Do you understand? Love is the only answer here. My personal motto is that the answer is always to love more. Sometimes that means loving ourselves more and often it means loving other people more. "My Loving, through you, is the answer to all things. Love them through their trials and stretching and balking and releasing and they will always return to you as they always return to me. Love with your Divine Heart. See them through my eyes and choose to look again. The tantrum, the fight, the war.. the storm, it's not even really there."

"Love Child, love with your Divine Heart. See Child, with your Divine Heart and Feel Child, with your divine feeling place.. not your human heart, your divine heart. All is love, all is one, all is God."

I Surrender Now.

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