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The Heavy Weight of Should & Have To's

It seems like today we are so busy trying to cling to an idea, a blueprint of what our life is Supposed to look like and who we are Supposed to be that in the rush to get somewhere important, we truly have forgotten who we really are! Within our mired vision of who we think we have become, in the middle of the rainbow road, our innocent child is crying out that it isn't fair! Where is the castle drenched with piles of money? And where is my love on fire with passion? By this age, I should be______-! (Fill in the blank, because it is all the same disappointment). Sound familiar? You are not alone! The satisfaction for who we are has been eroded by these quiet haunting voices of the past that try to dictate who we are supposed to be in our Now! Old loves, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, society, bosses, it doesn't matter what face you put on the monster or what story you tell yourself to soothe your pain. The fact of the matter is that we allowed someone, a long time ago to cage our heart when they planted, false visions of who they thought we were, inside of us. And we were young and innocent, and we didn't know better! How could we!? We drank from the poison sugarcane because someone told us it was good.

And now, we strive to be that someone that someone defined for us a long time ago. Whether we remember the impetus of the old worn-out story or not, we are so wrapped up in the heavy expectations that others hold over us or that we choose to hold over ourselves and we are bowed down and cannot see the light of our divinity shining brilliantly under the stories that they have written upon us. Imagine a heavy ugly piece of furniture that you thought was just amazing in the past. You bought it, (like you bought into the image of who you were supposed to be to be). and now it is so heavy, burdensome, old, worn-out and it doesn't even fit in your room at all!

And worse than that, you keep Seeking approval from Others to get permission to move the old dingy, doesn't fit my nature any more, furniture out of the room! Now why do we do that? Because we know how to judge ourselves as unworthy. It is a road that we all know so well.

Seeking approval is exhausting! How about we STOP ASKING PERMISSION for the right to be our own authentic, selves so we can live a life of joy and fulfillment without judgement, from ourselves or from others!

What would the world look like if we all ALLOWED ourselves our freedom to be WHO WE ARE, which is a divine light of loving compassion free from the casting doubt of Should Of's and Have To's? The strings that bind us, the bars that cage us are often of our own making because we bought into the lies that we were told. Who says we have to look a certain way or be a certain way or create a certain amount of wealth to be successful or that we have to do a certain thing to be loved? Love is Eternal and Unconditional and THAT is OUR DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT and WHO WE ARE!

It is time to cast these old casings, these old bindings to the wind as we grasp the Rainbow Heart of our Inner Child and our Diamond Dreams. What is it like to remember that the most Sacred song in life, is the song that is quietly playing in our heart? She gently, ever so gently, sings to remind us that we don't have to be one thing or another to witness Greatness within ourselves or be Worthy of Love. We don't have to work so damn hard to please others and we don't need to look a certain way to be worthy of love and success and adoration!

When we cast out the lies and bindings of the past poison and trauma of our heart - and we chose to look again with fresh eyes, we will be shocked to see the Diamond image of our own Golden Phoenix Innocence born of the ashes of our doubt and hurt and pain. When we allow ourselves to find Peace and Compassion within us for our own sacred journey, we find that the apparent sins of our past are literally washed away by the rippling tide of 1000 golden oceans of pure divine love.

So how do we find this sacred space within us? We still our body. We still our mind. And we set sacred space for us to surrender and listen. It doesn't sound so hard does it? But who really takes the time to sit quietly and listen to the divine whispering inside of our own heart?

Today, Choose to take the time to sit quietly in a room and touch your heart and breathe into the Ocean of Divine Love and share her love with all the layers of your being and witness the stillness inside of you. It is from the stillness that your Brilliance and Intelligence can inspire you with the answers that you are desperately seeking. On the sacred shore of your own gentle loveliness, your innocent child will quietly perch near you on bended knee and whisper the secrets of your heart that you have forgotten in your own crazy race to get to the top, of wherever you thought you were going, so you could be the perfect someone that someone else defined for you.

With Love Eternal,

Shining Star @


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