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New Eyes, for the New Year

Come and sit with me. Consider for a moment a new paradigm of thinking that will allow you to see your world in an entirely new way. It is a new year, and I AM inviting you to see with new eyes. You have been asleep, and it is time for you to wake up!

Consider for a moment the idea that everything around us is an illusion. The people, places, things- even time itself; Everything is an Illusion. ..And Everything is Energy, a vibration, a frequency. Thoughts and feelings are things that we have the power to manifest and they have a gravitational pull. The thoughts and feelings that we manifest attract energies that vibrate on similar frequencies. A thought or a feeling of negativity will connect with or attract, similar feeling energies of negativity. While, a good feeling emotion or thought will connect with or attract, a similar feeling of positivity and the good feeling energies of "love and joy". When i work with my clients, i invite them to look at a ruler. On one side of this ruler are the high vibrations, "the good feeling-ness" of the human emotion spectrum, which includes, love, joy, generosity, kindness, gratitude, and divine love. And, on the other side of this ruler, there are the low vibration energies that are made up of the "not good feeling-ness" emotions and those that are negative and heavy. These emotions are comprised of wrath, fear, anger, guilt, shame, regret, sadness etc.

In every moment, we have the opportunity to choose, what we are creating and manifesting into our life experience. But many of us are on auto pilot, "asleep", just going through the day and letting the unconscious aspects of ourselves make decisions instead of setting purposeful intentions for what we want to create in our lifetimes. Our unconscious mind represents the caverns in our heart and mind and energy systems over many thousands of lifetimes and the caverns run deep.

Our spiritual work and the greater journey of our souls purpose, is to connect deeply with who we are at a very pure level of Divine Love so that we can Focus the Light on the illusions of our shadow self and Illuminate the Truth of our Divine nature which is LOVE. When we can do that we are invited to realize, through the illumination of God's love and truth, that the monsters we thought were real, are only shadows. As we invite the higher, finer, divine loving energy into our system and we connect with the divine loving place through meditation, prayer, energy work etc., we recognize through higher light intelligence of God (Divine Love) that the lower vibration energies (feelings, outcomes, attachments etc.,) that we have been holding on to, often across lifetimes, are no longer serving our highest good and highest light and we are Invited, through our Discovery to let them go.

Many are called to shed the negativity cloak that surrounds them. They are invited to take off the mask and look at themselves in the mirror. They are invited to really look at themselves and that is a scary thing. We spend our lifetimes building up mountains of experience to prove that we are worthy. We build a nest of "identity" around ourselves to help us identify with our reality and to prove to ourselves that we are loved and that we belong. Here is the reality. We are worthy, because we are here. That is it. It is our humanness, our innate sense of separation from the whole, that drives us to this feeling-ness of deep earning, craving, and aching for something beyond anything that we can physically accumulate on this Earth. We try to fill the holes inside of us with things, and people and experiences. We wait on our loved ones, desperate to hear the words, "i love you", because we need to know that we are loved. Here is the biggest secret of them all. YOU ARE LOVE. All the things you want, you have. But, it is our mountains of experiences, feelings, thoughts, deep seated limiting belief systems, and judgements etc. that have attached to you at some level, that are causing resistance to experiencing the good feeling place and your divine nature as the eternal, brilliant, shining orb of divine love in the Living Light Lotus that I AM.

Our spiritual work is to move closer into the light and to recognize ourselves as the divinity and majesty of this eternal Source energy, this wellspring of divine light, and to welcome ourselves into the divine loving essence of our birthright which is Divine Love. Not, Earth love; not love with attachments, obligations, and expectations. I AM referencing, Divine Love; Love without Fear, Unconditional, Eternal Ever Present, Ever Sparkling and Guiding you Home, Divine Love. My spiritual path began one morning when i heard in the softest most beautiful voice whisper to me, "Remember Who You Are, Shining Star." It has been my quest to Remember Who I AM. I have been on a spiritual journey, pulling away layers of the veil that had once blinded me to God's love and truth.

I used to call myself a spiritual seeker, but one day i realized, that if we are always "seeking", by the very nature of being perpetually "seeking", we are not finding. The moment i realized i had the power to stop seeking and to find, the answers, my world, opened to me. The ancient knowledge, the secrets of our Divine Brotherhood of White Light, the Ascended Masters of Light, the Elementals, the Angels and Arch Angels... they became my family. My family of Light. You are my family of light and we are in this journey together. We are all, the teacher and the student at the same time. We are all the Giver, the Receiver and the Gift. We are One. We are part of one divine spark. We are Torchbearers of the Light and the Truth and you are being Called now, to Remember Who You Are and to come home.

Many are called and it is true that few will answer because along with this invitation to Enlightenment and Connection with Source Love, comes the necessary work of letting go of everything that does not serve your highest good and highest light. And, often, we are asked to let go of the things we think we need or think we want. And therein lies the rub, and the tests. As we move through the journey of light together, you will be called to release ideas, feelings, emotions, thoughts, limiting belief systems, constructs, identities, and ego. As things manifest in your life, positive or negative things, I AM inviting you to adopt a mindset of Gratitude. Allow, "THANK YOU" to be an easy and constant motto for you. THANK YOU for showing me a divine pearl of wisdom, a side of my shadow self that I AM ready to let go of now. If it, (emotion, thought, feeling, pain) is making itself known to you, if it is manifesting in your light experience, then you are ready to let go of it.

What do I do Now? I AM Inviting you to make time to meditate or pray and connect in your way with the Divine Energy that is all around us, all the time. 5 Minutes. Everyone has 5 minutes for this. And 5 is a number of Change. If you can commit to 5 minutes of quiet, mindful breathing and connecting, once in the morning, and once at night- I AM promising that it will Change your life. If you are reading this, you are being invited to Remember Who You Are. And you are being invited to discern what is True and Real and what is the illusion. Here is the last secret i will share with you today. The only thing that is true is Love. Divine Love. Pure Love. When you feel Love, when you feel soft and light, and lighted from within; when you feel the feeling of generosity without obligation or guilt; when you feel that soft, fuzzy, delicious, melty divine sparkle light caramel bliss flowing through your body- That is Divine Love and that is what is true. Everything else, is not real.

Everything else is an Illusion of Maya. Om Sai Ram

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