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Grassland Reflections

The Healing Cup

When was the last time that you gave yourself permission to just be in Reverence... in Celebration of all life? Today, I was invited to be with White Buffalo Calf Woman and we sat on a wooden fence and looked out over the grass that was growing. She said, that there is always a horizon and there is always something new coming over it. But the true salvation of our hearts is not found in chasing the next horizon or the gold that flows from the mountain. Instead true salvation is found in planting our feet in the soil of our life firmly, rooting ourselves as it were, where we are, present, so that from there, we can contemplate our next great step.

You see, today White Buffalo Calf Woman reminded me that I was too much in a hurry to get somewhere. When the magic of life is found in the tenderness of the moment, we often mistake it for something else entirely, as we run after that which we think we want most. The men and women who go crazy, she says, grow crazy trying to fill the emptiness inside of themselves. They take, and take, and take to fill the emptiness inside of them that grows, even as they take to fill it. These are the people, who forget the whisper of the Mother in their hearts that says First Cherish What Thy Have.

Fear she says, drives you to go fast. The fear in your heart drives you because you do not yet Trust who you are and that everything is made manifest for you when you need it. It is your fear that keeps you clinging to stuff that you need not, for fear that it will not be there when you need it.

See the Horizon?, she beckoned, Something is always coming over the horizon but keep your feet planted where you are and cherish the moment of your breathing... the moment of your heart beating. In the Presence of thy Sacred self, all is Known.

She leaned close to me, handed me her peace pipe and whispered, Come sit with me, ground yourself in Loving Patience. Feel my heart beat in you and Be at Peace.

As the smoke trail drifted towards The Great Sky, she smiled at me and my heart smiled back at the image of divine loving-ness that I witnessed inside of her. The grasslands, she whispered, do not need to be crossed all at once and they cannot be crossed in one lifetime.

Love Eternal, Shining Star


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