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Don't Judge a Fish

Everybody is a Genius

But if you Judge a Fish

By its ability to climb a tree

Then it will live it's whole life

Believing that it is stupid

- Albert Einstein

Think of the genius inside of each of us that we miss everyday because we are so busy trying to be something that we are not... What is the genius inside of you that is screaming to be set free? When was the last time you asked yourself if you were truly happy? Yes, in today's "happenings" it may be hard to smile, (and if you smile, can anyone see it beyond your mask anyway?) I mean the mask you wear day to day because of Covid19, don't I? Or AM I referring to the hypothetical "mask" that we wear to shield ourselves from others who may hurt us, judge us, and find us unworthy of that which we crave most? Human beings are afraid of the brilliant shining star that they are and they fight to resist the birth of their genius because it is easier and safer to stay in the darkness, than it is to embrace the light.

We fear our light. Why? When a baby is born, all he or she wants to do is to go back where it is dark and warm and safe. We are like that too. We wear masks to protect our fragile egos and our tender hearts. And we all judge. Our living reality is made up of the duality of good and bad, right and wrong; and it is that judgement that lies heavy around our shoulders like a scarf of lead. It is that judgement that tells a fish it cannot climb a tree.

Yes Albert Einstein is genius and his words are powerful... AND who says a fish cannot climb a tree? I live in a world where Miraculous Miracles are real. I live in a world of magic where brilliant vibrant colors and sparkles of light dance on my ceiling and on the roses in my garden. I live a world where angels are real.

So Albert Einstein, with all due respect, in my world, a fish CAN climb a tree and thank God she can, because the next thing this little fish will do, is teach us how to fly!

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