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  • Shining Star

A Single Drop

I AM a single drop in the wellspring of God's Beauty I AM a Tree of Light carrying seeds of God's Promise of Love I AM Shining Star, a Brilliant Light in the darkness I keep asking my friends, How do i begin? How do i begin a story that is timeless? How do i tell a story that has no beginning and no ending? And so it comes to me, in a torrent of loving compassion That the truer question is not where i should begin, But where shall we begin? In the energy of the togetherness That I AM, it's not about where i am beginning or ending, It is that we are all Timeless and in motion. That we are all in this spiritual Healing Journey together, This Expansion, Moving through these vibrations, these Ribbons of Possibilities Into the moment-ness of the now-ness of our Greatness! Into the Remembering of who we have always been, That Eternal Brilliant Golden White Light that Shines in all of us, we are Born again!

Yet most days, sadly, we walk in this space, far from home, lost often, scared almost a

Always Trying to Remember Desperate to Remember what we already know in the reflection of Perfect Love, Desperate to Remember the vibration of what it feels like to be Free- And we are so desperate to grasp, to hold on to, to know, to own, The Ribbon of Remembering of who we are, as it is essential To living a life of Joy and Happiness. In Remembering who we are,

We live the Blessing of life, feeling the Gratitude of deepest Compassion

Yet daily, we squander it not knowing its value, or ours

Questioning and doubting and building up mountains of proof in the very experience of our lives that we are unworthy of love And we scarcely offer to our brothers or sisters Let alone ourselves, The Compassion that our father has for us- Which is the very essence of the Shining Brilliant Love that we are at our core. The Gift is to choose, to look upon this world through the Eyes of Love And Transmute every negativity, into the Love that I AM To be ever so Grateful for every moment And for the Remembering of who we are that we Trust is coming Now. And it is for the Trees of Light to share these Seeds of Light with everyone who crosses our path and chooses, for a little while, to Dance in our Orbit

It is in this Gift, of Witnessing the Divinity within Every seed, that the Invitations of God's Promise of Love are planted in the Fertile soil of the Living Hearts So one day, in perfect timing they shall be born in the hearts of God's children And they will be invited to see through the eyes of God's love

And they will be Invited, as we once were, to walk through the Doorway That has been held open by those who have come before Everyone that we touch is a Reflection of ourselves, In the oneness of the Remembering, We become one In this time that is Now, We just need to Remember that who we are is all that I AM.


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