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The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star will shine bright in a blessing of renewal and rebirth on December 21st 2020. It is the conjunction between two celestial bodies of great import- Saturn and Jupiter. The last time that Saturn and Jupiter orbited this closely together was in the year of 1226. "The giants will appear just one-tenth a degree apart- that is about the thickness of a dime held at arms length, according to NASA", says Sandra Garcia, NY Times.

If you want to witness, this brilliant light dance in the sky, "go to a place where you can see the sunset, and as you watch, 1/2 an hour after the sunset, you will see Jupiter and Saturn 30 degrees in the sky.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets and in astrological and spiritual terms Jupiter seeks to develop things, to make bigger, to extend borders, to expand and widen perspectives. Saturn on the other hand is the planet of testing and initiation. It represents structure, discipline, concentration, wisdom, maturity, detachment, authority and responsibility along with others things.

Spiritually speaking, it is no surprise nor coincidence, that the Christmas Star, is being witnessed on the day of the winter solstice. "The winter solstice carries deep meaning in the Celtic tradition. It is a time when we turn inward away from the world. In the quiet, we have an opportunity to contemplate, to (learn to be) more aware of our dreams and visions. During the winter solstice, the rain or snow is often heavy. This intensity symbolizes a deep clearing...It is associated with rebirth, the dying of the old and the making way for the new." (Maureen Simon) In short, the winter solstice is the silent darkness before the reckoning of the coming and the return of the sun in the summer. This is a special time of reflection, of meditation on the beginnings and endings.

During covid, we have been forced in uncomfortable ways, squeezed through doorways that seemed too small, too confined for who we are and what we needed at the time. We have lost people we care dearly for and things that we thought we couldn't live without. We have experienced lack, uncertainty, fear, anger, death and dying and loss and pain and now we are about to witness the dawning of a new day, a new year and the next raw beginning, pregnant and poised to be better than the one before. And we are hopeful.

The earth has been aching and shaking and quaking, and so have we. Mother Gaia is shifting and the new age is being born. Birthing the newness of that which is coming can be painful. We try to hold on because that is what we do, we fear change. But change is the doorway of evolution. The very star of Bethlehem, the Christmas Star, led the wise men to the cradle of baby Jesus. In the days of this global epidemic, we have been invited to think in new ways, be brave in new ways, question and shift the understanding of who we are as professionals, mothers, fathers and daughters and sons. We have been invited to release that which is no longer serving us. Our very identities, the way we feel about our government, our community and friends and family has been challenged, our traditions and stability in health and finance, threatened. Some of us, huddle under blankets to stay warm in a new reality of homelessness. The things that we most fear, the things that challenge us to grow the most, to shed the tired and old clothing of our understanding, has been moving in, to and through us and everything around us, helping us evolve whether we want to or not.

On Monday, in the energy of rebirth, in the energy of the phoenix born again in the fire of experience, in the energy of wealth and health and healing and release, I Invite you to Meditate. Check in with your heart. What do you really want NOW? Priorities have shifted, and so have you. On Monday, witness the Christmas Star, in all her glory! Remember to set some powerful Intentions and watch them Rise, with the Rising of the New summer Sun!


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